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Buy Minerals & Royalty

What you need to know first:

1. We do not give legal, accounting, or investment advice. We are private owners and sellers of mineral rights and oil & gas royalties. All buyers must seek out professional legal, accounting, and investment services themselves. For your convenience, we are happy to point you in the direction of those licensed professionals upon request. 

2. We are not licensed by the Securities Exchange Commission and our properties are not registered with the SEC as securities pursuant to the Securities Act of 1933. 

3. Any property sold by Airedale Royalty LLC is owned by Airedale Royalty LLC and will be sold directly to each buyer as a private transfer of property between buyer and seller.



How It Works

Airedale Royalty LLC is an active buyer of mineral rights and oil & gas royalties all over the country. We buy properties that pass our stringent geologic and 3rd party engineering specifications as well as our internal financial criteria. We buy properties that we want to own, and offer a portion of those properties for sale. 


Anyone in the mineral buying business will tell you that the hardest part of buying minerals is finding a seller willing to sell. We have taken care of that for you. 


Our inventory is always changing and our supply is subject to the availability of quality properties in today's market. We use our extensive list of contacts throughout the oil & gas business and individual mineral & royalty owners, to make as many desirable properties available to our clients as possible. 


We have sellers of mineral rights and royalty contacting and submitting properties to us daily. We review hundreds of properties a month and only buy those that meet our quality standards.  


Airedale Royalty offers properties on a first come, first serve basis. For those with specific needs, we will be happy to keep an eye out for properties that meet your preferences i.e. basin, producing & non-producing, operator, etc. We can and will work with nearly any budget.


To Learn More About Available Properties



P: (903)521-0704

F: (310)427-3313

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