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How to Sell Us Your Minerals & Royalty

What We Need From You

1. What type of property do you own and where is it?

2. If it is a producing royalty, we will need to see your 3 most recent check stubs. 

3. If it is a non-producing property, we will need to see the source documents. (Recorded mineral deed and current lease if applicable)

4. Any maps, title information, or additional information you may have about your property. 

Once We Recieve Your Submission

An Airedale representative will contact you within 3 business days to discuss options, whether your property meets our purchase criteria, and potentially make an offer to purchase your property subject to due diligence.  

Due Diligence Period

We will need a few days to run the title and do our homework. Depending on the size of the property and the nature of the title history, this can be a few days or a few months. If your property is producing, this is a relatively quick process.


During this time we will send you a standard purchase & sale agreement as well as a mineral deed for transfer of ownership. 


Once we recieve the signed documents from you and complete the due diligence, we will send you a check or wire transfer funds directly to your bank. 


P: (903)521-0704

F: (310)427-3313

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